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Goings On

What I've been  doing and thinking about

Let's begin. Shall we? 

So, here we are again, singing. But this time, the voice is healthy, doing what it should, and the support is there. An awesome keyboard player and shows on the horizon. It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve had to jump through several hoops and overcome lots of mental hurdles and external setbacks to get here. Psychologically, I’m in a positive space. I’m looking forward to performing, and now, as was predicted by a music exec at the ASCAP Expo years ago, there is a burgeoning musician’s middle class. At least, those with a business sense who see the opportunities that the Internet can provide can benefit. I have a coach, an online community, two of Steven Pressfield’s audiobooks and their accompanying philosophies…Resistance has met its match. Anywho, I’m starting this blog, and I’m not sure which direction I’ll take. I’ll need to chronicle my journey with some measure of honesty. I think it will be therapeutic and help me out of my self-imposed isolation. I also think it will provide those who are interested with a glimpse of the person behind the songs. Let’s begin this experiment and see where it takes us…